Perfect Posture Corrector
Perfect Posture Corrector
Perfect Posture Corrector
Perfect Posture Corrector
Perfect Posture Corrector

Perfect Posture Corrector

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Perfect Posture Corrector back brace is for anyone who suffers from bad posture or is known for slouching. The Perfect Posture will gently pull your shoulders back to their natural alignment, helping to improve your overall health and well being. Made with premium-quality materials to last longer than other braces you may have tried in the past. Relieve tension and stress on your neck, shoulders, upper back, and stay comfortably supported all day long!


  • Relieve Back & Neck Pain Fast - Support & Align Your Shoulders, Neck, Upper Back & Spine Quickly & Easily to Relieve Your Aches & Chronic Pains.
  • Stand Tall & Confident - Wearing this Women's/Men's Easy Posture-Corrective Therapy Back Brace. Supporting All the Right Areas to Align Your Neck and Spine, the Goal is to Train Your Posture to Maintain its Upright Position. 
  • Ideal For - Sitting at Work, Driving, Playing Sports & Workouts, Standing for Long Periods of Time, Reducing Tension Migraines & Headaches.
  • Treat Your Neck & Shoulder Pain Now - Pull your round shoulders back to align your spine. Don't let sitting all day damage your spine permanently! Feel your pain & tension ease away quickly.
  • Reduces Back Pain - Bad posture, left unchecked can cause pain, lethargy, and even lead to nerve damage. Our back brace, coupled with physical therapy aids in the treatment of Back Pain, Scoliosis, Spondylolisthesis, and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.
  • Easy Fit & Breathable to Wear Under Clothes - Elastic Straps Incorporating Velcro Hook-and-Loop Fasteners Allow Tightening or Loosening the Degree of Compression and Pressure Easily.

           Posture Correction EXTRA BENEFITS:

    • Makes you look confident.
    • Improves breathing.
    • Provides excellent shoulder support & alignment.
    • Lightweight made from lightweight breathable high-quality neoprene.
    • 30 DAY GUARANTEE – We stand behind our products. Your satisfaction is most important to us. If you are not 100% happy with your Perfect posture send it back for a full refund or exchange. 



    From slouching over your computer desk, hunching your shoulders, or constantly looking down at your smartphone, to feeling the grind of a long day lifting or moving heavy boxes and equipment; poor posture can contribute to chronic neck or back pain or even lead to severe arthritis.

    Not All Posture Correction Braces Are Created Equally!

    Posture correction has come a long way since the early days of chiropractic's, which is why we developed the most modern back posture support available using light materials that breathe while being strong enough for improving posture without discomfort or pinching. Our innovative front loading design makes it a breeze to wear and remove while keeping you cool.


    Lightweight breathable design so you can wear it at work, while driving, at home, working outside, or even during at the gym!




    The Adjustable Posture Corrector is the most effective way to fix that slouch without breaking the bank!

    Eliminate neck and back discomfort by wearing for 10-20 minutes daily, adding an extra 10 minutes each day. Your back and shoulders will gradually begin to realign and will build muscle memory to retrain your posture.



    The Adjustable Posture Corrector uses a breathable yet comfortable harness design, which is both easy to put on and remove. It can be worn under virtually any shirt, hoodie, or sweater. Whether you're sitting at a computer or standing in the garden, you can wear the Adjustable Posture Corrector anytime throughout the day. 



    Improve your posture and start standing tall, confident, and pain-free by gently pulling your shoulders back to their natural alignment, helping to improve your overall health and well being.



    Is this easy to put on? Can you do it without help?

    Yes it is. Loosen the Velcro straps, then you put this on like a backpack. Once on, undo the Velcro straps and tighten. Remove the same way, that way the straps stay in the clip. 

    What size is right for me?

    Our product comes in medium and large sizes. Perfect Posture was specially designed with stretchable materials and straps. It can be adjusted to all body types, men or women. Choose medium size for adult body weights up to 170 pounds (77kg). Or Choose large size for body weights between 171 pounds (78kg) and 250 pounds (113kg).

    Can I wear this under my clothes? Or does it have to be on top?

    We recommend that you wear it over a shirt as you train your posture, but lots of our clients love to use it under shirt, great for first dates!

    Can I use it at work when lifting ?

    Yes. Can be used to keep your posture straight when lifting. It will not restrict your movements.

    Can this provide posture support while working out?

    Yes! Lots of our clients use our back brace for perfect form at the gym! Please always consult with a certified professional for correct posture advice.

    How long do I need to wear it for Perfect Posture training?

    For best results The Perfect Posture Corrector should be worn daily for one hour, twice a day at first. Once your back or shoulders adjust to your new muscle memory improving posture, add 15 to 30 minutes more per session. Of course, avoid wearing posture corrector's for extended periods of time as it should only be used to fix posture by training your muscle memory. Please always consult with your doctor first. 

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